My opinion on Newgrounds submissions with low ratings...

2012-04-25 03:43:18 by foxhead128

Because some people on Newgrounds intentionally vote everything they see 0/5 just to bolster their own ratings, I find that ratings on Newgrounds can be incredibly misleading. In my opinion, if a Newgrounds submission has a low rating, that sometimes means it's actually decent to say the least, because it triggers off that raging inferiority complex within some people. Of course, there are other cases in which the majority of listeners actually don't like a particular submission, and a low rating is therefore merited.


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2012-04-25 03:56:34

Ratings are just what they are. Numbers. They have a very little influence on the quality of a product, be it a game, movie or audio track. Most zero bombers are just ignorant, frustrated people that rage on a variety of media just to accommodate their need of throwing their teen angst at you for no reason, or because they only care about their own game/movie/track to be the absolute #1 in all rankings.

Before the redesign, Tom personally asked us what could we suggest to improve the rating system. And all they did is to put a miserable disclaimer, and change the votes to stars. That's it. Also, it seems to me that people downvote a lot more often than before, where frontpaged games rarely pass the 4.00/5.00 mark, and they are nonetheless good games.

So, I agree with the fact that people should play the game or watch the movie first before rating, since ratings can never reflect the stream of thoughts you get while enjoying any kind of media.

foxhead128 responds:

Agreed. You summed it up quite nicely.


2012-04-25 04:03:26

I was going to try and tackle the subject, but KKSlider60 has made the most salient case on the subject, I've read to date.
The real devil is in the reviews... 0_o

foxhead128 responds:

Oh, yes, the horror. Fortunately, though, if it's a review, then everyone knows who's posting it, and someone can attempt to report the user. Unfortunately, it's possible that said user has multiple accounts...


2012-04-25 05:13:14

NG is practice grounds. Fuck ratings. If you're ever gonna make any real money from your art, you gotta take it off of NG.

foxhead128 responds:

I agree. Screw ratings.