For future reference...

2014-04-30 10:19:39 by foxhead128

As of right now, my music is dual-licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License; you may pick either at your discretion.

The basic terms of both are very simple and boil down to 1) Give appropriate credit, 2) Indicate that changes were made (if any), 3) Do not suggest that I endorse you or your usage, and 4) You may not restrict anyone from doing anything that the license permits. Satisfying these four conditions, you may use my music without permission for anything. You can even sell it if you want, but since credit is required and it's freely available for download, I'm not sure what you'd achieve with this.

As a minimum, "appropriate credit" involves at least mentioning that I made the music and linking back to the page where you downloaded it.

Have fun!

I'm back!

2013-03-09 18:02:32 by foxhead128

It's been a while since I last uploaded anything, so without further ado, here's Battle Experiment 17.1. Hope you enjoy.

I must sincerely thank you for your rating. I just realized that I made some errors in the composition, and will have to correct them. Expect an updated version in the near future.

Because some people on Newgrounds intentionally vote everything they see 0/5 just to bolster their own ratings, I find that ratings on Newgrounds can be incredibly misleading. In my opinion, if a Newgrounds submission has a low rating, that sometimes means it's actually decent to say the least, because it triggers off that raging inferiority complex within some people. Of course, there are other cases in which the majority of listeners actually don't like a particular submission, and a low rating is therefore merited.

So, here's the latest that's been going on...

* In case you weren't aware, I also have a deviantART account. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's located at There's a bunch of random stuff available there; most of it is Creative Commons-licensed. The stuff I upload to deviantART includes random doodles and the like, but also some creative writing (e.g. poetry), screenshots, wallpapers, and abstract artwork.
* I now have an account on ccMixter at There really isn't much to look at yet, though.
* I have established a pair of "sister" websites at and, the latter of which offers higher-quality Ogg Vorbis versions of most of the music I've uploaded here, as well as some of my other music that isn't available on Newgrounds (though I'm sorry to say that I think most of it sucks, which is why it hasn't been uploaded to Newgrounds in the first place). Besides the music, some of my other stuff is also hosted there, such as creative writing and games.

Welcome, 2012!

2012-01-08 17:40:02 by foxhead128

Enjoy this new year while you can, guys, because it may be your last... XD

Hello, world!

2011-02-25 17:20:30 by foxhead128

Since my music has been approved only so recently, I suppose you could say this is my debut on Newgrounds. I should probably introduce myself. I am an Ubuntu Linux user, a Mozilla Firefox addict, and an anime art fan, though I don't really have much interest in any particular series of anime. I also have some interest in Sonic the Hedgehog [including the music], and don't think that Pokemon is "just for kids." And I have a deviantART account as well. Hmm. I could probably say more about myself, but I'm not going to bother/I'm lazy.